Dewtronics Website Policy
Last updated: 03/08/2011

Project Information

All project information on this site is either copyright©Donna Whisnant or copyrighted by its original author(s) and is prioprietary information.  It is provided here for the benefit of home hobbyist experiementing on similar personal projects.

Anyone, either person or corporation, found using any information, ideas, or concepts on this site for either personal or commercial profit will be prosecuted to fullest extent possible.

Any software and/or documents obtained from this site can be redistributed ONLY if it is accompanied by information denoting its source of origin and it is distributed in its original unaltered form.

Copyrighted Material

You may encounter information on this site that is copyrighted by other authors and sources and used here without explicit permission from those parties.  As such, this site is making use of the Fair Use Policy.  Having such material here is no different than me having the same material in printed form and simply loaning you the book.  Therefore, treat this site as if you are borrowing a book.  Note that this is a non-profit site and that I am in no way profitting by having this information available online for users to access.

If you are an author of any of the material online and wish for me to remove said material from this site, simply write me an email.  I will promptly remove the information and replace it with an explanation that you wish to remain stingy for not wanting to freely share your knowledge with the world.  The concept for this site is to freely promote world-wide exchange of information of the most detailed nature for projects that are "wild and way-out".  These are things that people have often wondered about, but never knew who to ask, how to ask, or where to even begin. (Well, OK, it's just my hobbies.)

Feel free to use the information on this site for any sort of personal pleasure that you so desire, as long as you don't attempt to sell it (either in information form or as a final product), or claim that it is your own work without giving full credit to all of the sources from where the information came.

Information from Other Websites

Some information on this site has been copied from other websites, again without necessarily getting written permission from the original source.  The reason for this is because I absolutely can't stand websites that have a link to some piece of information, that from the description of the site looks to be a valuable resource, and then finding the site not existing because the site owner couldn't pay his monthly ISP bill or decided to move the site.  Therefore, any information found on other sites, that is pertinent to the topics discussed on this site, and that I feel like maintaining, will be copied to this site as need.  Sometimes, the form of such documents might be slightly altered to keep the same look-and-feel for this site or to remove silly icons and graphics that people seem to use for absolutely no reason

When possible, links are given to the original site where the information originated.  However, we will not necessarily keep the links updated if your site is moved or ceases to exist -- which is the whole reason for copying the information to this site in the first place.  People browsing this site are encouraged to checkout the links when they find a topic of interest to see what else the original author has to offer.

If you are browsing this site and see information from your site that you wish to be removed, please read the previous section on "copyrighted material" and follow the same procedure described there.  For all others, simply view this site as being a mirror site without the headaches of having to notify each mirror when things change.  Only documents, programs, and graphics pertinent to the objective of this site will be copied.

Web Graphics

I consider all graphics and artwork on the web as being a "free-for-all".  As such, you might encounter pictures, drawings, illustrations, etc, that originated from other sources.  These too follow my policy on "copyrighted material" as stated above, and can be removed in a similar way.  But, I say, if you didn't want the world to see your artwork, then why did you draw it and post it on the web in the first place?

However, I don't believe in over using graphics -- only when it is necessary to prove a point, illustrate a process, or simplify navigation.  Websites that are nothing but large graphical presentations are nothing but wastes of internet bandwidth.  Therefore you'll see a relatively small amount of graphics on this site compared with other websites.

Grey Area Information

Some information on this site contains instructions and blue-prints on how to build and/or use devices that, depending on how they are used, might be illegal.  Such information is provided here for informational purposes only.  We DO NOT condone, encourage, or authorize any illegal operations resulting from this information.  The burden is placed on those browsing this site to use this information in a responsible manner.  And Donna Whisnant, and Dewtronics, accept absolutely no responsibility for any illegal actions whether derived directly or indirectly from information on this site.

This includes information on, but is not limited to, cable descramblers, explosives, reverse-engineering techniques, gambling scams, etc.

Personal Injury, Property Damage, and Feasibility

Information on this site might include information on how to build something or use something that is dangerous either to yourself or others.  As such, Donna Whisnant and Dewtronics accepts absolutely no responsibility or liability for your use of any information found on this site.  It is recommended that you learn what you are doing before you try doing something.  Take a college class, find an expert in the field, or get help somewhere.

If you hurt yourself or kill someone trying something that is described on this site, don't come crying to me about it.  For example, if you decide to build a CO2 laser from information on this site and end up shooting your kids eyes out or electrocute yourself with the high-voltage supply, don't try to blame me for your ignorance and stupidity and claim there is something wrong with my CO2 laser design.  Instead, know what you are doing first.  Or better yet, learn about the consequences of doing-it-wrong before you start.  However, information about the consequences of doing-it-wrong might not be found on this site!

And, while every reasonable effort has been made to insure that the information on this site is true and accurate.  There is absolutely no guarantee or warranty (either expressed or implied) that the information on this site is accurate in any way.  Nor is there any assurance that the information is feasible or practical for your needs.

If You Don't Like It

If you don't like these policies and procedures, then DON'T BROWSE THIS SITE!

Policy Change Policy

This policy is subject to change at anytime without any notice whatsoever.

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